A Journey from Earth to Space and Back with Ambient Music

Acerting Art
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You'll get 6 hours of relaxing and inspiring music in .wav format

A journey from ground to the stratosphere and back. Check out this video I made for this album using a weather balloon and a GoPro and sending it to near space.


01. A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins with a Simple Step

02. Let's Fly Away Together

03. Head Full of Fears Has No Space for Dreams

04. I Believe in Angels Because I Have Some in Heaven

05. I Am a Daydreamer and a Nightthinker

06. Magic Is All Around, You Just Have to Believe

07. The Only Journey Is the Journey Within

08. Sometimes the Only Way to Ever Find Yourself Is to Get Completely Lost

09. Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead of Me

10. Don't Lose Yourself in Your Fear

11. Orbiting Earth in the Spaceship

12. You Are the Universe, the Universe Is You

13. Expectancy Is the Atmosphere for Miracles

14. Coming Home, to Yourself

15. Sound of Peace Floating Through Space

16. Divine Sound Is the Cause of All Manifestation

17. Sleep Is My Space for Meditation

18. Sleep, Study, Repeat

19. The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen

I want this!

A Journey from Earth to Space and Back with Ambient Music

0 ratings
I want this!